We believe in holding the candidates and elected officials we support accountable for tackling the issues that affect our communities. These are the issues we’ll stay focused on – a roadmap for change.


Our collective voice can’t be heard if it’s muzzled.  The key to repairing our broken political system includes electing candidates who are committed to real change on our issues.  We’ll turn out our voters for candidates that will work to expand voting rights and access to the ballot–including the formerly incarcerated. And we will work to end the corrupt campaign finance system that benefits corporations over citizens. Check out our detailed proposal on how we make this real in our full policy brief.

    • Make sure every voice is heard by ensuring voting rights for the formerly convicted and new Americans
    • Give our communities a say in the policies that affect them, especially development, zoning and gentrification plans
    • Fight for the expansion of Section V of the Voting Rights Act which protects everyone’s constitutional right to participate in the democratic process


With little to no justice in the current system, our communities have fallen victim to a failed drug war that’s produced over-incarceration. We need major shifts at every level—police departments, courts and local government—to turn things around. And we’ll work to elect candidates committed to real justice for our communities. Check out our detailed proposal on how we make this real in our full policy brief.

    • No more over-policing, military tactics and racial profiling
    • Police departments, civil and criminal courts need to be restructured from the smallest practices to the biggest policies including bail reform
    • Stop the so-called War on Drugs and its devastating effects
    • Replace militarization within the police departments with human services
    • Cease minimum sentencing and unjust jail time
    • We need prevention services and programs that address violence against the LGBTQ community, new Americans and violence within households
    • End excessive fines and fees in low-income communities
    • Put a stop to driver’s license seizures for minor infractions

Our economy needs a total overhaul. Racial, gender and wealth gaps need to be closed. We need a sound structure that ensures equal opportunity as well as housing, workplace, and financial security in our communities. That starts with electing candidates that have the courage not to just identify the need for economic opportunity for our  communities, but who will enact solutions that address the structural nature of racial disparities in our economy. Check out our detailed proposal on how we make this real in our full policy brief.

    • Safe affordable housing where critical services, amenities, education and fresh food are accessible
    • Stopping predatory lending from financial institutions
    • Affordable financial support and services for working families
    • Tax benefits that will give low-income households a fighting chance at financial security
    • Putting an end to the privatization of prisons
    • More affordable higher education
    • Financial aid for education no matter where you live
    • Banks being held accountable for the damage they have done in our communities
    • No more racial and gender workplace gaps
    • Investing in underserved communities and ending resident displacement
    • Doing away with healthcare debt
    • Early access to job training and opportunities